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Khan Ha Wins Faulkner Award

From the Solstice Magazine’s social media: Khanh Ha’s “The Woman-Child” has won the 2020 William Faulkner Literary Competition for short story (a joint effort by …

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AMERICA: Blood is Spirit

The horror is that we live in an increasingly post-literate society despite the promises of the Enlightenment and related claims of progress. Wrecking statues, rioting, and general mayhem in an attempt to apply coverup makeup to the scars of our past is not progress but an effort to collectively reeducate in the name of a vapid utopia that can never exist in a fallen world. But we don’t have to accept it as inevitable.


Avalon Manly

SKIN LIKE LIGHTS I went to the funeral on a Tuesday, which I thought was kind of shitty. A Saturday morning funeral, …


Khanh Ha

A YELLOW ROSE FOR THE SINNER The smell of camphor when I opened the clothes drawers made me stop. Uncle Vinh had …


Douglas Penick

IN THE SEA OF DREAMS I  As the world was consumed in war, when the outcomes were in no way certain, Wallace …